The Last Two Days!

The trip is coming to an end! (Edit: has come to an end)
We spent the last couple days with a spacial biologist named Stephanie Russo. We explored turtles and the barnacles that live on their shells (a symbiotic relationship). The barnacles are the shell like things that stick onto the sea turtle’s shell and grow over time. My favorite part of working with Stephanie was coming to the realization that there’s an entire other world that we have yet to explore. The daunting task of the unknown and undetermined, all the new that could be uncovered. It’s not as much the insane discoveries it’s more the way you look at those discoveries and the attitude you bring to the task.
Stephanie is a very kind and conscientious person who in the short time I spent with her, brought an attitude to her work that spread excitement about life and the great discoveries that come with that to the whole class. The first day was spent in more of a classroom setting where we did a lab to give us a foundation for the second and final day. The last day was spent removing trash from the beach, removing barnacles from a deceased turtle, and making all kinds of observations on marine life. We were able to lift up rocks and see all kind of organisms such as sea stars, sea sponges, and barnacles of all sorts. We ended the last day with a hearty meal at one of the best restaurants EVER and went to get yummy ice cream afterwards. I got aguacate helado (avocado). I highly recommend it!
Writing this as we head to the airport.
Life is a science:
Constantly making discoveries
Constantly being clueless
Constantly making rules and laws
There is no end to it.
Would you rather go through life without that?
Because I sure wouldn’t.
I love knowing that there is an unknown
An endless discovery
An ocean of unknown
Waves that are as tiny as a playful fist bump
Or as great as a thousand punches
It’s within everyone to help
Because little changes can turn into massive movements
Stephanie wants to make a change
She does the hard things to save what is most precious to her
Change can hurt but can also make a difference
Change will never come easy and sometimes you have to use what’s on your side to do things efficiently
Thinking outside of the box
Who knows, who can know unless you do it?
Change the world.
The last day brings a crazy amount of gratitude to me. Big thanks to all that made this trip so very memorable.

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The Link School provides the kind of quality academics that will help students engage, expeditions and projects that help students expand, service that help them look beyond self, and spiritual development that helps them deepen.
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1 Response to The Last Two Days!

  1. ahhh, Lowry — what a beautiful post and a poem that is as true as a heartbeat. Thank you. Isn’t this the science — the sense of discovery, awareness, commonality, and empathy — that we were just talking about yesterday. I am so grateful that you are all back here and willing to share your insights and inspiration with me/us. With it — you WILL change the world we share. Your compassion faces a fathomless well of opportunity for exercising its potential. I am so grateful to be an observer as you all move forward in finding your niche in time and eternity. with Love, kate

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