Sacred Landscape

We are loving poetry on this trip! Here are a few more written at the top of Huayna Picchu – inspired by the way the Quechua people view the landscape as sacred.

image1Sacred people; sacred landscape

We see, we fly, we soar
From tree to tree
From rock to rock
In this sacred landscape

Patchamamma watches over us
Through triumphs and mistakes
Through trials and tribulation
There will always be a sacred landscape

Each block put in place
Each thought sent from heaven
All grows in harmony  in this sacred landscape

Each seedling fallen
Every idea put into practice
As time flies and clouds whiz by, dropping rain
Peace can be found in this sacred landscape

As each rock cracks and falls
When the puma and its prey slow their dance
When the last drop of crystal clear water splashes
Change can be found in this sacred landscape

As the waterfall crashes down
Then the last cut on a 100 year old tree resounds
Raging rivers may dash you to pieces
Still, this sacred landscape, will always be



Tiera Sagrada

Drop of water
Iridescent wing
Human heartbeat
Past, present, future
Woven together
With vicuña fiber
Eternal Apu
Tiera sagrada



Sacred land is the first time you took a step.
Sacred land is the first time you looked back and
Dad and Mom weren’t holding you up on your bike.
The first time you and your best friend met.
The first time you fell in love.
The time you helped mom cook.
Sacred land is the time you looked up and realized,
“wow, this is my life.”
The time you put on a matching pair of socks and
knew it was going to be a good day.
The place you go to worship.
The time of when you won your first game.
You look and hear everyone cheering that you
The time you get your first puppy.
But it could also be the first time you lost a loved one.
The time you went through a hard time.
A time you got hurt.
The time you need a shoulder to cry on.
Or the moment when you didn’t think highly of
Sacred are those moments that have made you grow
as a person. The land beneath you is always there to experience these moments with you. Making them sacred and special.


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4 Responses to Sacred Landscape

  1. these poems are just beautiful — thank you for sharing these inspired inner views. see you all soon, kate

  2. Beverly K says:

    I feel the intuitive inspiration which you all sensitively have captured in your poetry. Thank you sincerely Mathias, Bobby and Beka. 😍😍😍

  3. Kristin says:

    Wow, beautiful reflections on where you are and what you are witnessing. Thank you!

  4. Fine way of describing, and good article to take data regarding my presentation subject, which i am going to convey in university.

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