ASUPMATOMA Sea Turtle Nesting Camp – By Benji & Jeff

We had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at the ASUPMATOMA Sea Turtle Nesting Camp today. This volunteer work included helping clean out the last nests for the nesting season with the hope of finding some healthy hatchling Sea Turtles to release into the ocean. img_6872

I really like the fact that something as small as an Olive Ridley, or any sea turtle for that matter, can have a huge impact on someone’s life. I was wondering if the nest we were about to dig into was going to have baby sea turtles crawling out, or just broken eggs. At first we kept pulling out egg after egg after egg and I started to wonder whether any live sea turtles were going to fullsizerender-55be found in our nest. Finally -like gold diggers digging for gold in- California we hit the jackpot- one tiny Olive Ridley. It made me happy to know that one more Sea Turtle would have a chance at surviving.

Stepping back from our nest it was great to see that the other groups had even more live hatchling sea turtles in their nests than we had in ours. They are inspiring little creatures. They have to go through so much just to get to the surface of the sand, before they begin their attempt at reaching the sea. They cross 200 yards of beach and battle giant shore break waves to have a chance at surviving. Digging to find them was hard enough work for us.

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3 Responses to ASUPMATOMA Sea Turtle Nesting Camp – By Benji & Jeff

  1. Janet Cocciarelli says:

    Those little ideas of God were so fun to see. This note is from Christien, Mathias’s little brother and he said, “Oh, they are soooo cute, I wish I could have picked up the turtles and love them.” Thanks so much for these terrific posts.

  2. loved this post Benji and Jeff — ♡ kate

  3. Judy Hughes says:

    Great posting of your adventures. We sure would like more information on the Olive Ridley sea turtle. Do they know how many survive? Do they have any type of tracking on them? How big do they get? Life expectancy?


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