Photography Fun – by Eli


How to go about taking pictures to achieve different effects.

We had the opportunity to learn some photography skills from a super-cool photographer who lives in Todos Santos named Keenan Shoal.  One thing that some student’s and I learned is how to have things blurred that are moving such as water.  Through the learning process we stumbled on a lot of details about how you can make this effect with your camera.  One thing that was emphasized, was opening the shutter for a longer time allows the moving object in your picture to appear blurred.  This process also has the effect of having more light come in.  In the day time, you would only do this if you had a very dark lens filter.  These are very helpful for getting the blurring effect in a shot because it allows you to leave the shutter open for 15-30 seconds without overexposing the picture.

After a little while on that type of shot, practicing on Keenan’s camera, we where given the opportunity to try this on my camera for some practice shots. So we set it up on the tripod in the water pointing at a section of the small pond.  We were trying to get a blurred picture.  We started with changing some settings of the camera and took a few photos and then talked about how those settings and the timing can change the effect on the photo.  Here is an example of the pictures we took:

After our afternoon class, we had another one once the sun had gone down and it had gotten dark.  With nighttime shots there are some things that you have to take into consideration.  One thing is that there is no light.  So to get good shots you would have to have the shutter open for a longer time – maybe for about 30 seconds. This is one way to get good star shots and any shot that would have the tiniest amount of light.

Another way to get light into a night shot is to bring light into it.  Keenan had us bring our headlamps and flashlights and other things that have light.  With these, we experimented by shinning the lights on things in front of the camera while the shutter was open.  So, we were “painting” the trees with light by using a painting motion and shining our flashlights all over the thing we wanted to light up.  By the time the shutter closed, all you could see was the things we had lit up, and you couldn’t see the people with the flashlights because we weren’t shining our lights on each other.  Late, after just painting the trees, we had a fun time running around and painting each other with light.  I think the end result turned out great!

IMG_6024 (1).jpg

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5 Responses to Photography Fun – by Eli

  1. it sounds like you are all having a wonderful time — can’t wait to see how these new perspectives bring fresh inspiration to our Sunday School class — missing you all ♡ kate

  2. Amy Morrison says:

    Love the photos! Great Job! Will you take photos of some of the whales?

    • Eli Abbott says:

      It is very hard to get the whales at the right time 3/4 of the time you only get the blow whole. But I am trying

  3. Curtis abbott says:

    Great picture Eli,
    Looks like something from a sci-fi movie.

  4. Kristin says:

    Coolest night photo Eli – thanks for explaining your processes!

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