Two vs. One – by Summer

It was one hundred and six degrees and we had just finished our service for the day. Sweating and dirty we walked the mile to the town of Misahualli. Throughout the entire walk all I could think about was a bottle of bubbly water. As soon as we made it to town we headed straight for a little tienda. I had to pay a higher price because I was obviously not a local, but I did not care. The first sip was all that I had imagined and more; it was the coldest I had felt that day. We all began walking to a bakery. I was talking with Brian and out of the corner of my eye I saw something running towards us. We turned to see what it was and realized that it was a very large monkey. Brian had banana chips in his hand and I had my treasured bottle of water. All of a sudden the monkey was right in front of me and was reaching for my bottle. The monkey then ripped it out of my hand and opened up the bottle and began drinking and bathing in my water; it did not even notice Brian’s banana chips.



Before this traumatizing experience I wanted to be a monkey; however now this is no longer the case. Shortly after I had recovered we were sitting in the center of town watching the monkeys from a safe distance. All of a sudden we saw a young boy being surrounded by four hissing angry monkeys. They kept trying to bite the boy’s legs and were successful a few times. Everyone was watching this poor little boy, but no one was doing anything. James stepped in and the boy was just fine. It solidified my new fear of monkeys.



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1 Response to Two vs. One – by Summer

  1. Kristin says:

    Yeowza Summer – nervy creatures!

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