Everybody’s Learnin’ How…

by Sam (January 29)
IMG_0555Today was our second day of the surf camp, and may I just say it was awesome. We all started the morning off in our usual sluggish teenage fashion and dragged ourselves over to breakfast. Once we had been fully woken up by the amazing Guatemalan coffee that was brought to us, we all headed down to the beach for our morning lessons. My particular instructor was named Juan Carlos, and he was by far the best instructor out of the group. He and I quickly broke through the language barrier on day one and developed a kind of sign language mixed with Spanish to tell me what I did wrong each time. Within the first 3 waves of the first day I was up and surfing consistently.

IMG_0633 But today I was up on the first wave after making our way out into the water. The day was filled with perfecting technique and working on the timing for catching a wave. At the end of the short lesson, we headed in and chatted in Spanish while walking back to the huts. I went to lunch as he prepared for his next class. In the afternoon I headed out with some of the other students and played in the water throwing a Frisbee back and forth. After a little while I decided it was past time to get back on the board, so some of the students and I went to get boards and spent the rest of the afternoon surfing and enjoying the warm ocean water. After an amazing dinner, we brought the day to a close in what I thought to be the perfect way to end a day on the beach. We all searched for wood and built a small bonfire and enjoyed the night looking up at the stars and laughing on the beach.


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  1. Evelyn McClintick says:

    I’ve enjoyed all your posts about Guatemala. Thank you.

    On Fri, Jan 30, 2015 at 11:17 AM, The Link School’s International

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