Rest and Preparation

Bobby (January, 24 2015)

Students have returned from their service projects and IMG_1664it’s a rest and recoup day for the group along the shores of Lake Atitlan before we head up into the Mayan Highlands by foot early in the morning.

This is the first real down time for the students since we left home over two weeks ago and it’s being appreciated by all.   Some students are sleeping in right now, others are having a late breakfast, and laundry was just gathered together to drop at the local launderer – 26 pounds from the girls and 3 pounds from the boys (priorities :).)

Later today for those who want to we will rent some bikes from a nearby shop and do a tour around the area.   Not sure how many we will get for that given the option of hammocks, a book and the swimming dock.   The local disco may get a Link School visit tonight as well, but first students will need to pack and be ready for the next few days.



The hike tomorrow will go 3,000 feet up to the altiplano above us and then back by trail to a remote Mayan village where we will camp for a few days and learn about traditional Mayan life and cultural practices.   Monday we will reverse the route and descend to our pile of gear and a bus to the coast for a couple of final days at the beach for reflection, surf time, and wrap up of the classes and overall program.

Hard to believe it’s just a week before we return stateside.


About thelinkschool

The Link School provides the kind of quality academics that will help students engage, expeditions and projects that help students expand, service that help them look beyond self, and spiritual development that helps them deepen.
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