How does the food in Peru taste? (Shep)

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If you had asked me this question about a month ago I would not have been able to tell you. Let me start by saying that there are too many Peruvian dishes to count, and I cannot imagine being able to eat all of them. I’m going to tell you about some of the dishes we got to try on our Ausangate trek – how they were cooked, how they tasted, and how they made me feel.

During our weeklong Ausangate trek, we experienced the joys of having professional chefs cook for us while we were in the backcountry. Our cooks made probably the best-tasting food that anyone could eat during a seven-day trek. In fact, a pattern we had was hiking for a few hours, then enjoying a delicious meal, hiking for a few more hours, and enjoying another tasty meal. The hiking was beautiful and fun, especially because we always had a good meal to look forward to. The meals always made me feel re-energized and ready to hike more.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 12.03.42 pmHere are some of examples of my favorite meals. One of my favorite breakfasts was a pancake covered with chocolate sauce with cooked bananas in the middle. This is what we ate our first morning to prepare us for a long and hard day of work building a BioHuerto (greenhouse) for the local community of Upis, where we were staying. For lunch in Upis we started with soup, of course. As Rocky wrote about, all of our lunches and dinners began with soup. For dinner in Upis we had steak that was braised in a sauce that had a somewhat savory taste with a sweet aftertaste. The veggie side had a complex sweet, salty, and roasted taste that was very calming. For dessert we had sweet potato pudding that oozed pure creaminess.

Just this one day’s worth of meals demonstrates the variety of tastes we got to enjoy during the trek. It is incredible to think that these chefs prepared our amazing meals using a simple camping stove. I am so grateful they were there to support us while we hiked.

– Shep

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