Six word stories tell the tale

150645_10200536176713760_1334347840_nSea lions: fun, playful, biting legs.
Sea kayak. Sandy tents. Adventure race.
– Alex


Everything is better with ice cream.
Just buy another pair of jeans.
– Astrid


Surf pounds tortugitas. Life’s not easy.
Sí amigo, I was born listo.
– Bobby



Laughs. Music. Playing in white waves.
Cute faces. Chubby hands. Toothless smiles.
– Cassie


Baja is kinda awesome, so yeah……
– George


Cute kittens, on the table, hugging.
One fish sand, two fish coyote.
429111_10200432610404667_994431797_n– Jack


For love of dogs and adventure.
– John


Here I learned surfing and patience.
Morning coffee is a universal language.
– Makenzie


Sun dips low. Brilliant chapter closed.
– Natalie


19390_10200536180273849_851267202_nCatching eight Dorado. Most exciting thing.
– Rocky


Buenas vistas, ballenas, tortugitas, comida bueno.
(Good views, whales, baby turtles, good food.) 
– Sam


Wow, sea lions! Ouch, they bite.
Cockroaches, whatever. Keepin’ me up forever.
– Sarita


I only ask to never forget.552768_10200536178353801_2080911722_n
I’m so happy I could breach.
– Suz


Hello, hello, hello, what’s your name?
Odio arena. La obecca mis ojos.
(I hate sand. It blinds my eyes.)
– Tailor

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The Link School provides the kind of quality academics that will help students engage, expeditions and projects that help students expand, service that help them look beyond self, and spiritual development that helps them deepen.
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