Palapa Society (Tailor)

SAM_0272Today I worked at the Palapa Society. Palapa is a place that helps people in Todos Santos learn English, which will be useful to the residents of this up and coming tourist location. The smaller kids of the second class were extremely cute and they finally warmed up to me. On the first two days, they seemed more sheepish than cute, but after they warmed up to me around my third day, they were making jokes, playing with the tufts of hair that stick out of my perpetual and natural hat‐hair, and were laughing and giggling in a way that was contagious. The funny thing is that for the first two days of helping out at Palapa, I felt that I would have actually rather have spoken Spanish the whole time verses English. The kids were shy to the newcomer (me), so as I helped them in English, all I received was blank and scared faces. But once the kids finally warmed up to me, their enthusiasm for English increased.

SAM_0269Watching people trying to learn English reminded me of the Spanish classes that I had taken previously. English seems so natural to me, and I can speak with slangs and wordplay to my heart’s desire, but I never realized what it must be like to try to learn it as a second language. I’m still taking English class! Watching the groups at the Palapa filled me with a feeling of gratitude and excitement that I too had the opportunity to learn another language. I’ve realized that one of the most heart-­warming things is speaking Spanish and having the person on the other end understand what I’m saying.

– Tailor



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