Peter Buck (George)

The BloggerThe people who live and work in Todos Santos create so many amazing opportunities and Monday night was definitely one of them. Peter Buck (the lead guitarist of R.E.M.) came up with some other incredible musicians to put on a show for us and the local organizations we had been volunteering at, such as the Todos Santos orphanage.

As we arrived back in Flora del Mar after a full day of work, the scene was perfect for a good night of music. The sun was just beginning to set over the Pacific, intensified by shining on our already red casitas. A table full of food was begging to be eaten, with a massive cooler of soda next to it. All the guests arrived already excited about at the performance, the musicians were all sitting on stools in front of a blazing fire, ready to perform.

IMG_0065Some of the songs all the artists knew well, but others not so well. But the skill of the musicians became clear when they were listening or communicating amongst each other for a general idea of the chords, and then played along as if it was one of their favorites. I have been to see some amazing big name bands, but nothing will ever compare to the atmosphere of that evening.

– George





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