Fruitage From Chile – the final post

Student Fruitage from Chile! 

I truly valued every experience we had on this trip. I pushed myself, took advantage of every moment I could to deepen my experience in Chile for the better. There were challenging parts, which I pushed myself through and dealt with things spiritually. I had a pretty amazing healing with my foot and even though some parts of the trip I did not especially like (ex. horseflies), the good outweighed the bad 100,000%. I’m truly grateful for all the staff’s effort, the donor’s efforts and everyone who made this trip a success. I could go on for days about how much I got out of that trip. It truly changed my life.

Chile for me was an amazing trip full of learning moments, opportunity for self-discovery and spiritual growth. In the Sunday School classes I was interested and curious. I feel like I definitely learned things about my connection with God. I feel like the trip was full of opportunities to strengthen that relationship. Personally I learned many things about myself, what sort of things I wanted in my life and such. I think it is hard to write down personal growth, but looking back on the trip, I came to many conclusions on things that I have been looking for for years. Educationally, the trip was astounding. There was so much to learn from in classes, talks with people, and simple observations. I learned things every day.

The Link School has pushed me a lot this year, as well as provided me outstanding opportunities. But the trip to Patagonia pushed me more than any one experience thus far. I really enjoyed learning Spanish and experiencing culture in those first 2 weeks in a way I had never done before. I have always been told that visiting a country and immersing oneself in its culture is the best way to learn. I was really excited to see how even the two weeks of true Spanish speaking we did paid off so much. I have never learned so much in such a short period of time.

Not only were we very engaged in things such as Science, Spanish, English and cultural learning, but I also learned a lot about myself and my connection to God. Learning about the culture was incredible. You can study a place and/or a culture for the longest time and still not understand it fully until you are placed in the middle of it. Chile is such a remarkable place and I loved experiencing it. We were constantly active both mentally and physically, which majorly challenged my state of mind, spirituality, and my “ability.” All the activities we participated in were beneficial, educational and yet enjoyable, which was incredible for me. As for my spiritual growth, I don’t think there is anywhere better to develop yourself than outside of your comfort zones. This Chile trip couldn’t have been more perfect for me at this point in my life.

I really feel that I learned so much on this trip. Not only educationally, but also I think I learned a lot about myself and how I can improve and grow. The experience of going to Chile was absolutely amazing and super beneficial. Every moment I spent there, I felt like I was learning something new.

Through the experience of being in Patagonia, I have grown spiritually and personally. My education has deepened a lot, in a way that makes sense to me. My desire to learn has grown a ton. I plan to keep this up wherever I go.

The trip to Patagonia was a huge growing experience for me. I felt that the entire time we were there we were immersed in the culture. It was also an amazing month to reflect on my life and grow as a person. All of the debrief activities and educational experiences made it so that we could focus solely on those and not have other distractions. I felt that I learned a lot. I will always have important memories from being there, especially in the last gratitude meeting on the kayaking trip, where I looked out at the beautiful lake and sunset and felt extremely grateful for everything. Another highlight was the Spanish classes. I learned a to. Every person we met in Patagonia had something to offer and it was amazing to be included in their life and see their kindness. I felt that on the trip we were able to put everything together – Christian Science, school work, and pursuing outdoor activities that made us grow. I definitely believe it was a once in a lifetime experience for me.

I feel that everyone in the group was benefited immensely through this trip. Personally, I learned a ton about culture and my view and appreciation for what I have was completely changed. I saw tons of healings from myself and others and this trip was honestly the most spiritual growth I’ve ever seen in myself. I actually saw change in myself and I thought there was an awesome atmosphere in the group with support and gratitude for everything.

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The Link School provides the kind of quality academics that will help students engage, expeditions and projects that help students expand, service that help them look beyond self, and spiritual development that helps them deepen.
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