Adventures with Cantanera

After our time at La Junta doing service projects, we all split up into 3 separate groups for some smaller-sized expeditions.  Some students went backpacking, some stayed at La Junta to climb, and I got to go on a horse packing trip.

As I’m sure you may have read in other blogs, the trails around here are tricky, to say the least.  They include jumps up and down that can be as much as 3 feet; there are a lot of rocks for climbing over, up and down; and there’s lots and lots of mud.

My horse, Cantanera, was amazing!  Through all the 6 days of our trip, she watched her feet very carefully, rarely slipped, readjusted her foot placement when necessary, and was very flexible.  However, on one of the days, we had a bit of an adventure.  While we were crossing a stream, there was a large jump necessary to get out of the stream and back onto the trail.  One of Cantanera’s back legs got stuck in a tree root as she was jumping out – obviously causing a problem for both of us.  She fell back into the river, but somehow, I managed to stay dry by grabbing a tree branch, and my pocketknife on my belt got stuck on the roots at the side of the river.  I was grateful that both of us were safe.

Another growing experience I had while on the trip was a healing I experienced towards the end.  My stomach wasn’t feeling well, which made me sick while we were out on the trail.  That night, while I was curled up in a sleeping bag not feeling well at all, Bryan came over and read to me and talked to me about how I can choose to think about how I was feeling.  What stood out to me was that I had a choice to not plead guilty.  Since both of my parents are attorneys, that really stood out to me, and by morning I felt AWESOME!  When I got up, I was running around and very happy.

All in all, the horsepacking trip was amazing.

– Alex

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The Link School provides the kind of quality academics that will help students engage, expeditions and projects that help students expand, service that help them look beyond self, and spiritual development that helps them deepen.
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