Operating on Mexican Time – by Darren

“How long until we arrive?”

“Five Mexican minutes!”

Just another moment in "Mexican Time"

One may initially think it may be a way of judging time, but it is actually a difference in mindset.  In the US we are used to knowing the time, having to be somewhere, and having a full schedule.   Here, from what we have experienced, things are a lot less tense.   We will arrive when we will arrive and things happen when they happen.   There is nothing you can do, so just sit back and enjoy the ride.

It’s less about the destination and more about the journey.   When you live in the present and focus on the journey you worry less and experience more.   I experienced this first hand when I lost my watch (sorry Mom and Dad).   I asked Cameron what time it was, four times during the next hour.   Eventually I began to just go with the flow of the group and relax into the moment.   I think I’m learning that life is just easier when I worry less about what could happen in the future and am present in the now.

We have all day to get to the beach - lets go swimming!

Always being busy and looking at ones destination is a main generator of stress, which there is no lack of in the US.  When we first heard  “5 Mexican minutes” we were on our long hike up the Sierra La Laguna.   If one focuses on the destination and how much further, how much longer, it takes you out of the present and you experience a lot less.   If you focus on the journey in the present, the view right now, the wildlife right there, you enjoy and experience more.

Time slipping slowly away

Ordinarily you see a sunset at a glance, the sun goes down, it becomes night, and you move on.

Melting into the dark

Or, when you pause enough to experience it more fully, you can sit on a beach and gaze west across the fiery sunlight melting into the craggy black mountains leaving a bright steak across the ever changing waters, and revealing the ever-present sentry like stars from their eastern blanket in the sky.

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1 Response to Operating on Mexican Time – by Darren

  1. Kathleen says:

    i like ur article darren see living by the ocean will change everything ..trust me ..u dont have to be in mexico..

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