Final Post – by Bobby

We arrived back at the Lodge last night around 1:30am after travelling for 24 hours from Lima through customs in Miami and then back to Denver and into the Yukons.   Whew.   That’s a lot of herding, but the

On top of el Misti (well, almost on the top)

On top of el Misti (well, almost on the top)

students did great through all the travel gyrations.   It had been three really early mornings in a row with a 1:30am start on Mt Misti on Thursday,  then 3:30am depart from Arequipa to Lima on Friday, and the same 3:30 time out of Lima on Saturday.     We had Sunday School in the Miami airport yesterday so that they could just sleep and unpack today and that is just what happened. kids-river1

The unpacking was more like an explosion of duffle bag contents, but that’s okay.    The washing machines were busy today and by tomorrow the Lodge should be clean and put back together.     We begin Semester II classes in the morning and then the students will mostly have free afternoons this week to continue the catch up process.  gary
A lot of our focus over the next few weeks will be putting together a multi media presentation that we can take out to the local communities in order for the students to share what they experienced and learned.  caterpillar

It was a remarkable time of discovery, learning and challenge in South America.    As with any adventure some of the learning was through things we planned for and scheduled and other learning was simply what developed through the unique set of circumstances at hand.  girlssunny

In conclusion for this Peru expedition blog we have to collectively say from both staff and students how remarkably blessed we feel to have had the opportunity to engage in this journey.lake-camp


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The Link School provides the kind of quality academics that will help students engage, expeditions and projects that help students expand, service that help them look beyond self, and spiritual development that helps them deepen.
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