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pedroWe have been on quite the round of tours during our four weeks here in Peru, but we just had an exceptional tour, in a bit unexpected place. Lake Titicaca is known as the highest navigable lake in the world, because the Peruvian government ordered six gun-ships from England to protect their border on the Lake from Bolivia.  With Lake Titicaca in the Andes, the ships were built in over 2,000 parts and then, on their six-year route, taken by train to the base of the Andes, hauled by slaves and mules up the mountains and then reassembled on Lake Titicaca. Our visit was to the Yavari, one of these gun-ships. It is still in the process of being restored, by private owners, to its original 1860’s glory days. This tour provided a walkthrough of Peruvian history, with many of the original parts.  While it was interesting to learn about the llama dung fired engine being replaced by the 1908 Volvo diesel engine, the real experience was getting to have the tour from the charismatic captain, Carlos. As the captain of Yavari, Carlos gave orders quickly. Three to be exact. Never stop traveling, never stop reading, and never stop dreaming!  He loved that our group was high school students, and his wit and energy made for one fantastic tour.  Carlos was passionate about his ship, and loved telling us the ships history, connecting with the students, and recounting interesting details that spurred our desire to learn more.  While our encounter was less then an hour, it was a fascinating tour that is sure not to be forgotten any time soon.  Just ask about the tour, and you’re sure to get some great story.

Hasta Luego!

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